Hillary Beat Bernie Sanders Using Dominion

When inter­viewed by News­max TV on Novem­ber 22, 2020, Attor­ney Sid­ney Pow­ell broke the news that Hillary Clin­ton beat Bernie Sanders in Democratic’s 2016 pri­ma­ry by using Dominion.

Pow­ell: Are we sup­posed to think they didn’t use the fea­tures? Heck no, they used them, and they used them against their own can­di­dates. The democ­rats used them against Bernie Sanders in 2016. And some­body even told him what had been done to him when Hillary Clin­ton won that pri­ma­ry, and he didn’t, and instead of stand­ing up for the Amer­i­can peo­ple on the right to vote, he sold out.

Reporter: You’re say­ing domin­ion that the Domin­ion, that Smart­mat­ic Domin­ion sys­tem was used in 2016 when Hillary beat Bernie in the primary?

Pow­ell: Yes.

Reporter: Wow, I don’t think we had heard that yet, that’s… that’s… that’s an incred­i­ble devel­op­ment right there. And you say he knows that, Bernie Sanders knows that.

Pow­ell: Yes, the per­son who sent me the data told me that they informed Bernie Sanders of all their find­ings, and he didn’t do any­thing except get enough mon­ey mon­ey to buy anoth­er fab­u­lous house.

Reporter: Wow!

Pow­ell: I’m telling you it’s been used for both par­ties. One of the big prob­lems is that we don’t know who was elect­ed by buy­ing their elec­tion through Dominion.


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