High Speed Tesla Wreck Through The Eyes Of Its Autonomous-Driving Computer

Though we have seen numer­ous videos of Tes­las crash­ing on high­ways, catch­ing fire spon­ta­neous­ly, and dri­ving through store­fronts, it’s been rare we’ve been able to see exact­ly what it looks like through the eyes of Tes­la’s autonomous dri­ving software.

This week, auto blog Jalop­nik offered up a rare glance into what it looks like from a Tes­la’s com­put­er dur­ing a high speed Tes­la wreck. The video was post­ed by Twit­ter user and “hacker/security researcher” @GreenTheOnly, who, due to his research in the area, occa­sion­al­ly gets access to vehi­cle “black box­es” from sal­vage yards.

This week he ana­lyzed video and data from a wrecked Tes­la that he was sent. Admit­ted­ly, the piece states that it does­n’t think Autopi­lot was active right at the time of the impact, but the video still high­lights the “prob­lems of any Lev­el 2 semi-autonomous system”.




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