Hannity: Biden’s cognitive problems ‘getting scary’ – Joe seemingly ‘can’t form a sentence between naps’

Sean Han­ni­ty ques­tioned Pres­i­dent Joe Biden’s alleged­ly fail­ing cog­ni­tive abil­i­ties on his Tues­day evening Fox News seg­ment and then tore into the president’s ille­gal immi­gra­tion policies.

The Fox News host point­ed to Biden’s per­for­mance over the last two weeks and his inabil­i­ty to “form sen­tences” as well as his inco­her­ence when speak­ing. Han­ni­ty point­ed out that even when Biden uses a cheat-sheet with notes when try­ing to com­ment dur­ing a forum it doesn’t go well for the pres­i­dent. He stum­bles and painful­ly can’t seem to get the words right in response to questions.

Han­ni­ty not­ed that the media loves to attack him, say­ing that Biden is “weak, frail, and seems to be strug­gling cog­ni­tive­ly.” He con­tend­ed that Biden appears to be some­what lost and con­fused when mak­ing pub­lic appearances.


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