‘Great Reckoning’ Coming for Fauci, Media on CCP Virus

Raheem Kas­sam reveals what for­mer New York Times writer Nicholas Wade’s arti­cle ques­tion­ing the ori­gins of the Chi­nese Com­mu­nist Par­ty virus means: a great reck­on­ing is coming. 

“There’s a shift under­way, prin­ci­pal­ly on the Wuhan lab and also the vote,” said Stephen K. Bannon.

“The walls will close in,” Kas­sam said.

Kas­sam said the truth about the Wuhan lab and the virus will lead to a full scale reck­on­ing in the media, pol­i­tics, sci­en­tif­ic com­mu­ni­ty, and finan­cial markets.

Kas­sam agreed with Dr. Peter Navar­ro, who says the World Health Orga­ni­za­tion researcher Peter Daszak is shap­ing up to be the “fall guy” for Fauci’s fund­ing of research to weaponize coronaviruses.

Look out for one of Big Media’s “author­i­ta­tive sources” like CNN or the New York Times to come out with an expose on the virus’s ori­gins in a few weeks “that will go right to the heart of the begin­ning of this,” Kas­sam said.

“And at that point they’ll start to throw some­one under the bus,” he said.

Kas­sam said “it will be through their own igno­rance through their own arro­gance that will be their downfall.”

“I think the Greeks called this hubris,” said Stephen K. Bannon.


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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