Georgia Officials Ask Court to Lift Block So They Can Erase Machines…

Geor­gia offi­cials on Thurs­day asked a judge to lift an order that is block­ing offi­cials from alter­ing infor­ma­tion in vot­ing machines in three coun­ties, argu­ing the machines are need­ed to pre­pare for the upcom­ing Sen­ate runoff elections.

Evi­dence demon­strates Cobb and Gwin­nett coun­ties “need to use” bal­lot mark­ing devices from Domin­ion Vot­ing Sys­tems, Carey Miller, a state attor­ney, wrote in a court filing.

The fil­ing includ­ed a dec­la­ra­tion from Kristi Roys­ton, the elec­tions super­vi­sor for Gwin­nett County’s Board of Vot­er Reg­is­tra­tions and Elections.

She said the restrain­ing order pre­vent­ing her coun­ty and oth­ers from wip­ing or reset­ting the vot­er machines “has grave and seri­ous consequences.”


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