Georgia County Can’t Find Chain of Custody Records for Absentee Ballots

Georgia’s Dekalb Coun­ty does not know if it is in pos­ses­sion of the bal­lot trans­fer forms used to record the chain of cus­tody for absen­tee bal­lots dropped into some 300 drop box­es around the state.

The Geor­gia Depart­ment of Vot­ing, Reg­is­tra­tion and Elec­tion respond­ed to an open records request for the trans­fer forms from Geor­gia Star by writ­ing that “it has not yet been deter­mined if respon­sive records to your request exist.”

“DeKalb Coun­ty and VRE are cur­rent­ly oper­at­ing with­in its COVID-19 Emer­gency Response Plan. These remote oper­a­tions and VRE’s cur­rent work­load great­ly impact how soon respon­sive records can be pro­vid­ed,” the response from the depart­ment stated.

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