Georgia Absentee Votes Looked Like Scanned Copies

Susan Voyles has worked as a poll man­ag­er for over 20 years. She told the Geor­gia Sen­ate com­mit­tee dur­ing a hear­ing Thurs­day about an “odd” batch of absen­tee bal­lots that caught her atten­tion dur­ing the Geor­gia recount.

“Most of them were pret­ty worn, until we came up to a batch that is, it was, my words were ‘pris­tine.’ It was white, it was so white. And this is a typ­i­cal absen­tee bal­lot. You can see how when it comes to you in the mail, how it’s got many folds in it. These had no folds,” said Voyles.

Voyles said what first struck her about these bal­lots was the feel of the paper. She said when you have count­ed and held bal­lots for as long as she has, you know the feel of them. And com­pared it to know­ing the feel of a gen­uine vers­es a fake dol­lar bill.


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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