General Milley Busted In ANOTHER Act Of Treason… He Set America Up

General Mark Milley briefed four entities on his talks with China behind then-President Donald Trump’s back, ‘Peril ‘author Bob Woodward revealed Monday, saying the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ordered operations to cease that he thought Beijing could see as ‘provocative.’

He said that he wasn’t aware he was reporting on any ‘treasonous behavior’ by writing about Milley’s backchannel calls with China because there was ‘nothing hidden’ about it happening at the time.

‘After the call he then gave a full briefing to four people,’ Woodward told Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos on Monday morning where he was joined by co-author Robert Costa.

He revealed that Milley discussed the call with then-CIA Director Gina Haspel, NSA Director Paul Nakasone, heads of the different military branches and an admiral in charge of the Pacific operations.

Woodward said Milley told Haspel to ‘Watch everything 360.’

‘Talked to Paul Nakasone, who heads National Security Agency, which does worldwide eavesdropping, and said, ‘needles up,’ which is an expression – ‘listen everywhere,’ Woodward said of Milley. ‘He talked to the chiefs – the head of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and said, ‘Fulltime, watch everything.’ And then he called the admiral in charge of the region in the Pacific and canceled – asked him to cancel operations that the Chinese might see as provocative.’

















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