GA Poll ‘Worker’ With Suitcases Of Ballots Lawyers Up, Cancels TV Interview

Ruby Free­man, the woman from the infa­mous sur­veil­lance video in Geor­gia seen pulling suit­cas­es of bal­lots out from under the table after poll watch­ers were sent home, seems to be get­ting nervous.

Free­man’s daugh­ter, Wan­drea “Shaye” Moss, was also iden­ti­fied as a poll work­er and Free­man’s super­vi­sor who was help­ing cart out the hid­den bal­lots in the suit­cas­es to be count­ed after all of the GOP observers and media was sent home for a “water main” break.

Fol­low­ing The Gate­way Pun­dit’s report reveal­ing the iden­ti­ties of these two women, Car­olyn Ryan from Car­olyn Ryan TV reached out to Ruby for an interview.

At first Ruby accept­ed the invi­ta­tion. But then she declined the inter­view. She said she need­ed a lawyer.

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