GA Officials Ask Court to Lift Block on Wiping Voting Machines, Then Recertifies Election Rejecting Fraud

What is Geor­gia try­ing to hide? Less than 24 hours after a sur­veil­lance video prov­ing fraud in Geor­gia when suit­cas­es of bal­lots got pulled out from under­neath a table after hours, Geor­gia offi­cials asked court to release ban on wip­ing reset­ting vot­ing machines. If there’s noth­ing nefar­i­ous going on, why would they not want to prove the vot­ing machines aren’t rigged and put an end to the mount­ing claims and alleged evi­dence that they are?

Offi­cials did­n’t wait for the court to grant their request to lift the block, they went ahead and rec­ti­fied the state’s results.

Read more about the recer­ti­fi­ca­tion of the vote HERE
Read more about Geor­gia offi­cials’ request to lift block on vot­ing machines HERE


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