GA Gov. Kemp Doesn’t Want To Hold Special Election, Goes MIA

Geor­gia’s Gov­er­nor Kemp is, arguably, in office today because of the large amount of help he received from Pres­i­dent Trump dur­ing his close race. Now, he does­n’t seem will­ing to return the favor as the ques­tion of if he’ll hold a crit­i­cal spe­cial elec­tion hangs in the balance.

Kemp was also “miss­ing in action” for Sat­ur­day night’s Trump Vic­to­ry Ral­ly in his state, where both Repub­li­can Sen­a­tors David Pur­due and Kel­ly Loef­fler spoke. Iron­i­cal­ly, Kemp was said to not be in atten­dance at the ral­ly because of a per­son­al emergency.

Now, Geor­gia’s Lt. Gov Geoff Dun­can is speak­ing out about Kem­p’s poten­tial inten­tions on a spe­cial election:

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Aman­da Shea
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