Liz Cheney’s Friend Just Sold Her Out!

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney is all but gone from her lofty posi­tion as the House Repub­li­can Con­fer­ence Chair.

In an arti­cle that is wor­thy of Prav­da, the New Yorker’s Susan Glass­er unwit­ting­ly pro­vides Repub­li­cans with an addi­tion­al rea­son to give her the old heave ho.

Glass­er spoke to Eric Edel­man, a friend of Cheney’s, who served as a nation­al secu­ri­ty advi­sor to her father, Dick Cheney, dur­ing his time as Vice President.

She writes, “Edel­man revealed that Cheney her­self secret­ly orches­trat­ed an unprece­dent­ed op-ed in the Wash­ing­ton Post by all ten liv­ing for­mer Defense Sec­re­taries, includ­ing her father, warn­ing against Trump’s efforts to politi­cize the mil­i­tary. The con­gress­woman not only recruit­ed her father but per­son­al­ly asked oth­ers, includ­ing Trump’s first Defense Sec­re­tary, Jim Mat­tis, to participate.”


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