French Doctors Recommend Vitamin D to Counter Virus in Winter

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Health body the Académie Nationale de Médicine in France has advised that peo­ple take vit­a­min D sup­ple­ments in order to rein­force their “innate immu­ni­ty” against Covid-19 this winter.Studies have shown that vit­a­min D is effec­tive in com­bat­ting ill­ness­es that can affect the res­pi­ra­to­ry sys­tem, such as colds and flu. Ongo­ing stud­ies are also inves­ti­gat­ing links between seri­ous forms of Covid-19 and vit­a­min D deficiency.In France, 41% of peo­ple have win­ter vit­a­min D deficiency.Studies inves­ti­gate link between vit­a­min D and Covid A study pub­lished in the Jour­nal of clin­i­cal endocrinol­o­gy and metab­o­lism on Octo­ber 27 found that 80% of 230 hos­pi­talised Covid patients in Spain had a vit­a­min D defi­cien­cy, com­pared with 47% in the gen­er­al population.Authors of the study point­ed out that their results showed vit­a­min D defi­cien­cy to be a …


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