Four Volunteers Who Took Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Developed Paralysis FDA Denies Caused by the Shot

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Break­ing news – Dai­ly Mail reports that at least four indi­vid­u­als con­tract­ed Bell’s Pal­sy after tak­ing Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vac­cine.  Rela­tions between Pfiz­er and Chi­na also in question.

The vac­cine busi­ness is big mon­ey for Big Phar­ma – the large cor­po­ra­tions that ben­e­fit from the pro­duc­tion of vac­cines.  This was sum­ma­rized by Bob­by Kennedy, Jr.  months ago as he list­ed the pro­tec­tions these com­pa­nies receive from the US gov­ern­ment (sim­i­lar in the man­ner Big Tech is protected):



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