Former CEO Of Overstock Says He Has Proof The Election Was Rigged, Can Overturn Biden’s Win

“We have clear evi­dence that they are tar­get­ing cer­tain con­gress­men. I believe they are going to find two Repub­li­cans. I think it’s going to turn out that one of these Repub­li­cans at a State lev­el may have got “elec­tion insur­ance”. The promise they would keep being elect­ed. The sum involved to pur­chase Domin­ion machines was $100 million.

“Every state that uses Domin­ion — we should inves­ti­gate who signed the order to bring it in. No one who did due dili­gence would.

“Call your state leg­is­la­ture — send them this video –Any­one who signs these “Cert” forms should go to jail. They have per­son­al legal liability.

Details of the tech­nique plus “more com­ing out tomorrow”:

The five city “Drop and Roll” tech­nique of vote fraud
In the Drop and roll tech­nique, they shut the vot­ing down, cal­cu­late what they need, then drop a batch in to “Catch up”. After that they roll out for exam­ple, 53 batch­es in a row and each batch mea­sures exact­ly 51.2% for Biden and 48.8% for Trump and they roll that dif­fer­ence for­ward. All this will be released tomorrow.

The five cities where the deep cheat­ing went on: Atlanta, Philadel­phia, Mil­wau­kee, Detroit, and Mara­co­pa Coun­ty, Ari­zona. They hide behind black regions so then they will call you a racist if you ques­tion it.

He posts on and promis­es more infor­ma­tion on this to come.

He has put “a lot” of mon­ey into Sid­ney Pow­ells work, and sug­gests peo­ple help DefendingTheRepublic.Org. It’s not 100% clear if he knew Sid­ney was dis­con­nect­ed from the Trump team when he said this — but he rec­om­mend­ed her dona­tion page.

Again, in this month in the twi­light zone of cen­sor­ship there are some wild claims, just dropped in there as an aside…

“Past elec­tion fraud? I don’t want to get ahead of the data, but it may have hap­pened in 2012. It (fraud) was sup­posed to hap­pen in 2016 for Hillary but it was shut down. I know exact­ly who shut it down. It’s one of the rea­sons why Hillary didn’t feel the need to cam­paign too much.


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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