Tucker Carlson on Teachers Using Allegations of “White Supremacy” to Keep Schools Closed

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Wednes­day, Fox News Chan­nel host Tuck­er Carl­son exam­ined how teach­ers’ unions were using “equi­ty” to keep chil­dren out of school.According to Carl­son, those efforts have result­ed in the alle­ga­tions of “white suprema­cy” being used to jus­ti­fy clos­ing schools.CARLSON: We’re in reporter mode tonight here with some key stats on your gov­ern­ment. Here they are: 42 days into the admin­is­tra­tion and still no solo press con­fer­ence from Joe Biden. That is the longest stretch of silence from any new Pres­i­dent in at least a century.
So by refus­ing to speak direct­ly to the media, Joe Biden is attack­ing our …


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