Florida COVID-19 Policy Leads the Nation Once Again, This Time on Testing

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Sun­belt gov­er­nors have bucked the lock­down over­lords for the most part. Flori­da Gov­er­nor Ron DeSan­tis has been a leader in this fight, declar­ing that the state will nev­er lock­down again. Now Flori­da has picked up the cor­rect thread on COVID-19 test­ing. On Decem­ber 3, in a joint state­ment, DeSan­tis and Flori­da Sur­geon Gen­er­al Scott A. Riv­kees announced that labs must report the cycle thresh­old (Ct) and ref­er­ence ranges on every sin­gle test.This is impor­tant because the high­er the Ct, the less like­ly a per­son who tests pos­i­tive will actu­al­ly become ill or be con­ta­gious. In August, a New York Times fea­ture arti­cle report­ed that up to 90% of tests tak­en in New York, Neva­da, and Mass­a­chu­setts were essen­tial­ly false pos­i­tives. The Ct, or num­ber of times a sam­ple is mag­ni­fied, was so high it could pick up very low lev­els of …

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