FIGHT BACK: Buffalo Gym Owner Tears Up $15,000 Health Dept. Fine

Gym own­er Rob­by Dinero found out the hard way that stand­ing up for the right not to be unrea­son­ably searched or have his busi­ness seized by local tyrants gets a cit­i­zen into a heap of trou­ble in the Empire State. After a video of Dinero and oth­er busi­ness own­ers chas­ing the Erie Coun­ty health inspec­tor and sheriff’s offi­cers out of a pri­vate busi­ness after hours for not hav­ing a war­rant to enter the premis­es went viral, Dinero was served with a $15,000 fine. The health depart­ment was try­ing to shut down Dinero’s after-hours protests.



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