Fence going back up…

The fence sur­round­ing the U.S. Capi­tol is set to return ahead of the pro-Trump ral­ly on Sept. 18, the head of the Capi­tol Police con­firmed Monday.

“The fence will go up a day or two before, and if every­thing goes well it will come down very soon after,” Capi­tol Police Chief Thomas Manger told reporters in the Capitol.

The remarks came just moments after Manger, along with the sergeants-at-arms in both cham­bers, had briefed the top con­gres­sion­al lead­ers on the intel­li­gence gath­ered by law enforce­ment ahead of Sat­ur­day’s “Jus­tice for J6” ral­ly at the Capi­tol, which will protest the treat­ment of the hun­dreds of peo­ple arrest­ed in con­nec­tion with the Jan. 6 riot.


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