FBI Operatives Organized Capitol Mayhem

Fox News host Tuck­er Carl­son made some seri­ous accu­sa­tions about the FBI this week.

Dur­ing an explo­sive seg­ment Tues­day night on “Tuck­er Carl­son Tonight,” he accused FBI oper­a­tives of “tak­ing part” in orga­niz­ing the Jan. 6 may­hem at the U.S. Capitol.

Below is a tran­script of Carlson’s remarks, via Grabien:

Law enforce­ment offi­cers par­tic­i­pat­ed in the riot. Some­times in vio­lent ways. We know that because with­out fail, they’ve thrown the book and most peo­ple were present and in the capi­tol on Jan­u­ary 6. Many of them are still in soli­tary con­fine­ment tonight.

But strange­ly, some of the key peo­ple par­tic­i­pat­ing on Jan­u­ary 6th have not been charged. Look at the doc­u­ments, the gov­ern­ment calls those peo­ple unin­dict­ed cocon­spir­a­tors. What does that mean? It means that poten­tial­ly with every sin­gle case there were FBI offi­cers on Jan­u­ary 6th.

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