Faux Biden Admin Wants a Virtual Inauguration…

The pres­i­dent-elect said his staff will con­sult with pub­lic health experts as they for­mu­late their plans for Inau­gu­ra­tion Day, but acknowl­edged “it is high­ly unlike­ly” throngs of peo­ple will be encour­aged to amass on the Nation­al Mall like in the past.

“My guess is that there prob­a­bly will not be a gigan­tic inau­gur­al parade down Penn­syl­va­nia Avenue,” Biden said fol­low­ing an address about Friday’s month­ly jobs report and the need for Con­gress to pass anoth­er coro­n­avirus relief pack­age. “But my guess is you’ll see a lot of vir­tu­al activ­i­ty in states all across Amer­i­ca, engag­ing even more peo­ple than before.”


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