Fauci Finally Confirms That Kids Don’t Catch Or Transmit COVID-19

Authored by Stacey Lennox via PJMedia.com:

Bet­ter late than nev­er. Per­haps because he believes Joe Biden will be inau­gu­rat­ed in Jan­u­ary, Dr. Fau­ci is final­ly admit­ting that chil­dren do not get ter­ri­bly ill from or trans­mit COVID-19 in any sig­nif­i­cant way. Weird, since Switzer­land fig­ured this out in April. Detailed genet­ic stud­ies in Ice­land showed that chil­dren were not pass­ing the virus to adults in any sig­nif­i­cant num­bers in June. And Ger­man researchers assert­ed that chil­dren could actu­al­ly act as a brake on trans­mis­sion with­in the community.

But good old “fol­low the sci­ence” Fau­ci was wring­ing his hands and hedg­ing his bets in the media and dur­ing con­gres­sion­al tes­ti­mo­ny. Most notably, he got into a heat­ed exchange with Sen­a­tor Rand Paul, who is also a doctor.

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