False Flag Event… Trump Group Denies Protest… Do Not Go!

As the media and the FBI col­lude to write a com­plete­ly false nar­ra­tive that armed Trump sup­port­ers stormed the Capi­tol Build­ing and now plan on storm­ing all 50 state cap­i­tals, the largest Trump group on the plan­et, The Don­ald, has uni­lat­er­al­ly denied such protests and is telling peo­ple not to show up.

On a post on the web­site, which has gar­nered a lot of defam­a­to­ry pub­lic­i­ty from the main­stream media, includ­ing CNN, they have a stick­ied post, vis­i­ble to every­one who comes onto the site, say­ing they have not seen any such actions or plan­ning on their site and denounce any such plans. They also tell peo­ple not to show up and that that men­tal­i­ty is NOT PART OF THE TRUMP MOVEMENT.


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