FACEBOOK Rules Apply to All, Except for Secret Elite…

Mark Zucker­berg has pub­licly said Face­book Inc. allows its more than three bil­lion users to speak on equal foot­ing with the elites of pol­i­tics, cul­ture and jour­nal­ism, and that its stan­dards of behav­ior apply to every­one, no mat­ter their sta­tus or fame.

In pri­vate, the com­pa­ny has built a sys­tem that has exempt­ed high-pro­file users from some or all of its rules, accord­ing to com­pa­ny doc­u­ments reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The pro­gram, known as “cross check” or “XCheck,” was ini­tial­ly intend­ed as a qual­i­ty-con­trol mea­sure for actions tak­en against high-pro­file accounts, includ­ing celebri­ties, politi­cians and jour­nal­ists. Today, it shields mil­lions of VIP users from the company’s nor­mal enforce­ment process, the doc­u­ments show. Some users are “whitelisted”—rendered immune from enforce­ment actions—while oth­ers are allowed to post rule-vio­lat­ing mate­r­i­al pend­ing Face­book employ­ee reviews that often nev­er come.


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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