FAA Demands Emergency Inspections of Boeing 777s After Midair Engine Explosion

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Kalt­baum Cap­i­tal Man­age­ment Pres­i­dent Gary Kalt­baum shares his thoughts on the Boe­ing 737 MAX resum­ing com­mer­cial flights, advances in drone tech­nol­o­gy and this year’s record-break­ing num­ber of Ama­zon deliv­er­ies. Fed­er­al Avi­a­tion Admin­is­tra­tion admin­is­tra­tor Steve Dick­son has ordered the agen­cy’s avi­a­tion safe­ty experts to issue an Emer­gency Air­wor­thi­ness Direc­tive, requir­ing “imme­di­ate or stepped-up inspec­tions of Boe­ing 777 air­planes equipped with cer­tain Pratt & Whit­ney PW4000 engines.”“This will like­ly mean that some air­planes will be removed from ser­vice,” Dick­son said in a state­ment post­ed to Twitter.According to the FAA, avi­a­tion safe­ty experts are meet­ing into the evening with Pratt & Whitney …


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