BIDEN: “Release Them All, Immediately”

Every sin­gle ille­gal alien in ICE and Bor­der Patrol deten­tion who is not sus­pect­ed of com­mit­ting a felony or vio­lent crime is being released this week­end. Any “non-vio­lent” ille­gal alien that Bor­der Patrol catch­es mov­ing for­ward will be imme­di­ate­ly released as well.

Joe Biden promised to halt all depor­ta­tions for 100 days after tak­ing office, and he is doing just that.

Bor­der Patrol and ICE received a memo from the White House this week with a sim­ple mes­sage: “Release them all, immediately.”

There is chaos right now in the south­ern bor­der states. Thou­sands of ille­gal aliens are just being released into soci­ety and the ille­gals caught cross­ing the bor­der are just being waved in…


Big Tech is at war with you! They don't want you to see the truth.



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