ICE to Release Migrants Further Into the U.S., Away From Texas Border Cities

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Fed­er­al law enforce­ment sources report that Bor­der Patrol agents will now rely on Immi­gra­tion and Cus­toms Enforce­ment (ICE) offi­cers to con­duct migrant releas­es when deten­tion space is not avail­able in the Texas Rio Grande Val­ley. Migrant releas­es coor­di­nat­ed specif­i­cal­ly by Bor­der Patrol direct­ly into bor­der com­mu­ni­ties will be a last-resort option. Bor­der Patrol offi­cials are instruct­ed to con­duct the local releas­es only when ICE can­not cope with the lev­el of arrests made by the Bor­der Patrol.
The new pol­i­cy may bring some relief to local shel­ters in South Texas bor­der com­mu­ni­ties locat­ed in the Rio Grande Val­ley depend­ing on where …


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