Tucker Carlson Rips Oregon’s New “Ethnomathematics” Curriculum

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Find­ing the right answer is racist. The belief that there are objec­tive answers — even in math — is a char­ac­ter­is­tic of white suprema­cy. Math is used to uphold cap­i­tal­ist, impe­ri­al­ist, and racist views. Insane? Oh hell yeah. Wel­come to “eth­no­math­e­mat­ics,” America.Not only is eth­no­math­e­mat­ics insane; it could not be more bla­tant­ly racist.
Dur­ing a seg­ment of “Tuck­er Carl­son Tonight” on Fri­day, Tuck­er took on the notion of “racist math.” Warn­ing: the fur­ther you read, the more your hair will catch on fire.
“Oregon’s depart­ment of edu­ca­tion is urg­ing teach­ers to reg­is­ter for train­ing that encour­ages some­thing called ethnomathematics.
“‘Eth­no­math­e­mat­ics.’ …


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