SpaceX Reports That Engine Shutdown Led to Failed Falcon 9 Booster Landing

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WASHINGTON — A Fal­con 9 first stage failed to land after a launch last month because one of its engines shut down dur­ing flight after hot gas breached a worn-out cover.
Dur­ing a NASA press con­fer­ence March 1 about the upcom­ing Crew‑2 com­mer­cial crew flight, Ben­ji Reed, senior direc­tor for human space­flight pro­grams at SpaceX, said that while the boost­er used on that Feb. 15 launch was mak­ing its sixth flight, some com­po­nents on it were “life lead­ers” that had flown more often than any oth­er in the Fal­con 9 fleet.
That includ­ed “boots,” or cov­ers around parts of the Mer­lin engines in the first …


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