Elementary School Gets Rid Of ‘Pumpkin Parade’ Because It ‘Marginalizes People Of Color’

A Seattle elementary school is getting rid of their traditional Halloween-themed parade because school administrators believe it “marginalizes people of color.”
After five years of deliberation by the school’s ‘Racial Equity Team,’ Benjamin Franklin Day Elementary School’s annual ‘Pumpkin Parade’ will not be held.

A Seattle elementary school has canceled Halloween over “equity” concerns 😂🤣https://t.co/4p6H7fOT8D
— Woke TikTok (@WokeTikTok) October 13, 2021

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School: ‘The Pumpkin Parade Marginalizes Students Of Color Who Do Not Celebrate The Holiday’
In years past, the Pumpkin Parade was a chance for the students to wear Halloween costumes.
A school spokesperson told Seattle conservative talk host Jason Rantz, “Historically, the Pumpkin …

















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