Election Workers Call Police on Volunteers, Using COVID as the Excuse, at Michigan State House District Recount

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The pat­tern of Democ­rats using thug­gish behav­ior to harass and intim­i­date whistle­blow­ers con­tin­ued dur­ing the recount for Michigan’s 71st Dis­trict House seat.
State rep­re­sen­ta­tive can­di­date Gina Johnsen called for the recount because she believes it is nec­es­sary for improv­ing the flawed elec­toral process. How­ev­er, elec­toral offi­cials in Eaton Coun­ty appar­ent­ly do not sup­port trans­paren­cy and made it dif­fi­cult for …


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