Election Lawsuits Accuse Zuckerberg-Funded Group of Illegal Funding and Violating Equal Protection Clause

Post-elec­tion law­suits accuse a group fund­ed by Face­book CEO Mark Zucker­berg of help­ing vio­late the con­sti­tu­tion in key bat­tle­ground states.

Zucker­berg and his wife, Priscil­la Chan, com­mit­ted $400 mil­lion dol­lars to the Cen­ter for Tech and Civic Life. The non­prof­it gave mon­ey to over 2,500 local elec­tion offices across the country.

Accord­ing to law­suits filed by the Thomas More Foundation’s Amis­tad Project, the group gave over $6 mil­lion dol­lars to offi­cials in Ful­ton Coun­ty, Geor­gia, and to five cities in Wisconsin.


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