Dusty Curiosity Rover Snaps a Selfie During a Work Break

NASA’s Curios­i­ty rover has been hard at work over the past sev­er­al months at a site thought to con­tain ancient sur­face mate­ri­als. And as this stun­ning new self­ie shows, the dust-cov­ered probe is real­ly start­ing to blend into its environment.

Curios­i­ty has been explor­ing Mars since 2012, and it’s cer­tain­ly start­ing to show. With the clos­est car wash locat­ed near­ly 51 mil­lion miles (82 mil­lion kilo­me­ters) away, the six-wheeled machine, cov­ered in dust, has tak­en on the com­plex­ion of the Red Planet.

The 59 pho­tos used to cre­ate this mosa­ic image were tak­en on Octo­ber 25, 2020, accord­ing to a NASA state­ment. Imag­ing experts with the space agency care­ful­ly stitched the pho­tos togeth­er, in such a way to remove the rover’s Mars Hand Lens Cam­era (MAHLI).

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