Distance runner Mary Cain sues former coach, Nike for weight-shaming

Distance runner Mary Cain is suing Nike and her ex-coach for $20 million, alleging she was emotionally abused for years and regularly humiliated about the size of her breasts and backside.

Cain — a 25-year-old New York native who joined Nike’s Oregon Project as a 16-year-old phenom in 2012 — filed the lawsuit against her former coach Alberto Salazar and the sports apparel giant Monday in Multnomah County Circuit Court, the Oregonian reported.

The filing claims Salazar was obsessed with Cain’s weight and would compulsively monitor her food intake and force her to weigh herself in front of others. 

“Salazar told her that she was too fat and that her breasts and bottom were too big,” the lawsuit alleges.

Cain also accused Salazar of causing her to …

















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