Director of National Intelligence: China Using ‘Gene Editing’ to Boost Military

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Direc­tor of Nation­al Intel­li­gence John Rat­cliffe on Sun­day said the Chi­nese Com­mu­nist Par­ty (CCP) is using “gene edit­ing” to boost its military.
Rat­cliffe not­ed that if the CCP becomes the world’s super­pow­er, super­sed­ing the Unit­ed States, it would imper­il “indi­vid­ual lib­er­ties, free­doms” around the world, adding that “free enter­prise [is] all stake.”
Chi­na is “alter­ing DNA,” cit­ing intel­li­gence reports,” Rat­cliffe, the top U.S. intel­li­gence offi­cial, said on Fox News Sunday.
“it’s one of the things our intel­li­gence shows that Chi­na is doing. … The People’s Repub­lic of Chi­na has 2 mil­lion strong in its mil­i­tary, and it’s try­ing to make them stronger through, you know, gene edit­ing,” he remarked, adding that it’s “just one of the ways that, you know, Chi­na is try­ing to essen­tial­ly dominate …


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