Death Row Inmates Get $20,000 EACH? California’s Unemployment Catastrophe Just DOUBLED

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The scope of California’s COVID unem­ploy­ment scan­dal is like the tip of the unseen ice­berg. The loss­es to state tax­pay­ers from a sys­tem that has turned out to be ridicu­lous­ly easy to game are now twice what it was believed to be just days ago. Instead of $1 bil­lion in fraud, the stag­ger­ing loss­es could add up to $2 billion.

Will it get worse?As I report­ed in PJMe­dia ear­li­er this week, dis­trict attor­neys from all over Cal­i­for­nia sound­ed the alarm on the fraud, which is being com­mit­ted in real-time. They claim that the the Cap­tain Edward Smith in this sce­nario, Gov­er­nor Gavin New­som, has done lit­tle to imme­di­ate­ly stop it and needs to put full-rud­der reverse or sink the state’s finances. They’ve implored him to engage and stop the unprece­dent­ed grift.

Peo­ple have lit­er­al­ly watched as the funds …

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