Detroit City Worker Says Election Workers Were Told to Backdate Ballots

A City of Detroit elec­tion work­er said at a Michi­gan State leg­is­la­ture on Wednes­day that she was told to back­date absen­tee ballots.

The woman, who was iden­ti­fied only as Jessy Jacob, told the bipar­ti­san leg­isla­tive hear­ing on Wednes­day night that she and oth­ers were direct­ed to back­date about 100,000 absen­tee bal­lots, or about 10,000 per day. The woman con­firmed to for­mer New York May­or Rudy Giu­liani, one of Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump’s lawyers, that her super­vi­sor told her to do this.

Giu­liani asked her if her super­vi­sor told her to use the “pho­ny date of the day,” and Jacob replied in the affirmative.

“Would you say Jessy that was an expe­ri­ence you nev­er expect­ed? That lev­el of crooked­ness and dis­hon­esty at the Detroit cen­ter for count­ing votes?” Giu­liani also asked her. “Yes, the whole city,” she responded.


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