Despite Mandates, Biden Commerce Secretary Claims “Nobody Is Being Forced” To Take COVID Vaccine

Joe Biden’s Com­merce Sec­re­tary has claimed that “nobody is being forced” to get vac­ci­nat­ed, despite last week’s announce­ment that mil­lions of Amer­i­cans will be man­dat­ed to take the shot in order to go to work.

Gina Rai­mon­do made the com­ments Tues­day in an inter­view on MSNBC, after host Stephanie Ruh­le pro­claimed she was “puz­zled by peo­ple that con­tin­ue to say they’re forced to get vac­ci­nat­ed here.”


The pair seri­ous­ly sug­gest­ed that any­one who doesn’t want to or can’t get vac­ci­nat­ed can sim­ply stay at home and nev­er go outside.

“There’s always been a choice: If you do not want to get vac­ci­nat­ed, you can work from home. You can home­school your chil­dren. You can shop online,” Ruh­le declared, adding “If you didn’t want to vac­ci­nate your kids, you can home­school, and peo­ple have done it for years.”

“We are not being forced,” …


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