Democrats Just Handed Devastating Defeat By Senate Republicans

Sen­ate Repub­li­cans have blocked an effort to advance the Democ­rats’ infra­struc­ture plan on Wednes­day after­noon, pro­duc­ing a mas­sive set­back for the Biden administration’s efforts to go ahead with a bill expect­ed to cost rough­ly $3.5 tril­lion ($4.1 tril­lion with a $600 bil­lion bipar­ti­san plan) to fund the Build Back Bet­ter agenda.

The Repub­li­cans blocked Demo­c­rat Sen­ate Major­i­ty Leader Chuck Schumer’s attempt to move for­ward on a pro­pos­al, argu­ing that the par­ty could not advance a plan that is still being negotiated.

It was blocked 49 to 51, with Schumer chang­ing his vote to “no” for pro­ce­dur­al rea­sons so he could bring the bill back up, as report­ed by The Recount.

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