Democrats Freak Out After Figuring Out What Bannon Just Pulled Off

The left has just figured out that Bannon and his followers have taken over control of the GOP’s election machine.

Transcript excerpts:

Today on the show, after losing the presidency in 2020, some diehard Republicans want to make sure that doesn’t happen again. To do that, they need to flood the zone. I’m Mary Harris. You’re listening to what next? Stick around. These precinct positions, Steve Bannon’s been encouraging his listeners to fill. They go by a lot of names. Election inspector precinct committeemen but Isaac Arnsdorf simply calls them precinct officers. They are party functionaries. Republicans and Democrats have them, and their responsibilities vary state by state.

S2: So overall, the the key thing to understand is that the county party, the local party officials, have direct influence on the election administration through these like formal mechanisms. And every state’s a little different, but that’s the basic idea. And so to give you some specific examples in Wisconsin, the election is run by the county clerk. But the poll workers, who are technically called election inspectors, are nominated by the county party, and the law says that the county clerk has to hire the party’s poll workers if they provide them. And in the past, this really hasn’t been an issue because the party’s like basically didn’t bother. They were like, Well, you know, on Election Day, it’s more important to us to have our volunteers out doing other things. But now it’s different now. County chairs are going, Wait a minute, we need to stack. We need these positions. We need to send the county clerk really long lists of really hardcore Republicans so that we can make sure we’ve got people in the precincts running the polls who are looking out for fraud.

S1: I know that ProPublica contacted GOP leaders in 65 key counties. Can you just lay out the basics of exactly what you found when you called those people? Because it’s dramatic, you found a big increase.

S2: So we contacted the local party officials in 65 counties in the most electorally significant states. So the ones you’re used to hearing about on election night. Florida, Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, the states that decide elections. And we asked them how many new precinct officers or whatever they call it they’ve had since February, which is when Bannon started promoting this and total in aggregate, it was more than 8500. And the out of the 65 counties, forty one of them said they had seen an increase. And one of the ways that we tried to check ourselves, you know, is this really a thing was looking at the Democrats as sort of a control group, so we could compare past increases in Republican precinct officers, and we could also see if there’s anything similar going on on the Democratic side. And like in Maricopa County, Arizona, you know, which is more than half the state’s population. There actually was official data for both parties. And so you could actually see how the Republican line on the chart just shoots up and the Democratic line is flat.…

















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