Democrats face accusations of fraud in House race after 28,000-vote lead on election night erased by judge and mail-in ballots

A New York con­gres­sion­al race came down to a judge per­son­al­ly review­ing indi­vid­ual spoiled bal­lots, result­ing in the Demo­c­ra­t­ic incum­bent eras­ing his near­ly 30,000-vote deficit to take a 13-vote lead and declar­ing victory.

“In NY-22, the Demo­c­rat incum­bent was trail­ing by almost 30K on elec­tion night,” said Hot Air edi­tor Jazz Shaw on Twit­ter. “The mail-in bal­lots got him close. Then a Demo­c­rat judge from Syra­cuse ruled he would per­son­al­ly ‘review’ all of the spoiled bal­lots that had been reject­ed. Guess what hap­pened next.”

“The judge mirac­u­lous­ly ‘found’ enough bal­lots that he felt were okay and the incum­bent now ‘leads’ by 13 votes,” Shaw continued.


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