Democrat Calls For ‘Reckoning’; Demands ‘Truth Commission’ For Trump Supporters

Cal­i­for­nia Demo­c­rat Fresh­man Rep. Sara Jacobs told CNN over the week­end that a “truth com­mis­sion” was need­ed in the U.S. so that there could be a “com­mon nar­ra­tive mov­ing for­ward” and sug­gest­ed that law­mak­ers need­ed to probe right-wing media to see what role that it had in the Jan­u­ary 6 riot in Wash­ing­ton, D.C.

“You also said in an inter­view with the 19th news web­site this week that the coun­try needs a truth com­mis­sion,” CNN’s Bri­an Stel­ter said. “What exact­ly would a truth com­mis­sion be?”

“So, I think part of what we’re see­ing now is because we haven’t real­ly done the reck­on­ing with the racial injus­tice and white suprema­cy of our past that we need to do. And so, you know, a truth com­mis­sion, a lot of peo­ple will think of South Africa. We’ve used them in coun­tries around the world,” Jacobs responded.


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