Demand For Every American to Carry COVID ID Cards

The Immu­niza­tion Action Coali­tion is call­ing for every Amer­i­can to be required to car­ry a COVID ID card in their wal­lets. Democ­rats don’t seem to care if a vot­er pro­vides ID to cast a bal­lot, but are demand­ing that every­one is forced to get an immu­niza­tion and have a card to prove they did. Evi­dent­ly, HIPA laws are a thing of the past.

The Gate­way Pun­dit reports:

All coun­tries demand an iden­ti­fi­ca­tion card to vote.
Not the US.
The cra­dle of mod­ern day democracy.

Poli­cies like that led to the all-out assault on our elec­tions sys­tem this year where Democ­rats used any and all means nec­es­sary to steal the elec­tion for their fee­ble base­ment candidate.

They don’t care.

They think it’s their right.

But now the gov­ern­ment is propos­ing vac­cine cards to car­ry in your wallet.
That way you will know when it is time to get your next dose.

This is creepy as hell.

Authored by:
Aman­da Shea
Insta­gram: @AmandaSheaCO
Twit­ter: @TheAmandaShea


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