DC Video Exposes REAL Reason For Inauguration Military Lockdown

British Trump-sup­port­er Katie Hop­kins is in DC right now with an inter­est­ing “take” on the mas­sive mil­i­tary lockdowns.

Dur­ing the 2020 cam­paign, Biden spent most of his time in the base­ment – and even when his han­dlers did drag him out, nobody showed up to his so-called ral­lies. The left and media blamed the abysmal atten­dance on COVID, say­ing the hordes and hordes (82+ mil­lion??) Amer­i­cans were such respon­si­ble pan­dem­ic cit­i­zens that they wor­shiped and cel­e­brat­ed the “great” Joe Biden from afar.

Well, the same goes with this “inau­gu­ra­tion” or instal­la­tion as it’s more accu­rate­ly called — Katie Hop­kins says that the real rea­son they don’t want you in DC is so they can con­trol the mes­sag­ing and tell you what­ev­er sto­ry they want and you won’t know any better.

It’s also to cov­er up the fact that Biden lit­er­al­ly has zero enthu­si­asm per­son­al­ly and for support.




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