DC Suburb Scraps Thomas Jefferson, George Mason From School Names

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The Falls Church, Vir­ginia school board unan­i­mous­ly approved renam­ing Thomas Jef­fer­son Ele­men­tary School and George Mason High School at its meet­ing on Tues­day evening, declar­ing that “schools must be places where all stu­dents, staff, and com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers feel safe, sup­port­ed, and inspired.”Board mem­bers didn’t explain why attend­ing class at schools named after two of the most impor­tant Found­ing Fathers would make stu­dents feel unsafe, unin­spired, or unsup­port­ed, but the fact that both Jef­fer­son and Mason were slave own­ers appears to have been the impe­tus for renam­ing the schools.This is, to put it blunt­ly, idi­ot­ic. I have no …

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