DC Mayor Bowser Demands Businesses “Pull Down” Boards Erected to Defend Against BLM Rioters.

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Wash­ing­ton, DC May­or and Chi­nese Com­mu­nist ally Muriel Bows­er is demand­ing the removal of secu­ri­ty boards orig­i­nal­ly erect­ed to pro­tect busi­ness­es against the Black Lives Mat­ter riot­ers of 2020.In a brazen dis­play of how the left encour­aged vio­lent riots, cost busi­ness­es bil­lions, and sup­port­ed mur­ders across the coun­try, Bows­er is now demand­ing busi­ness­es expose their shop fronts.
Those who don’t, she says, need to be “remind­ed” by the pub­lic. She end­ed her tweet this after­noon with the hash­tag #DCisOpen.
But DC wasn’t open dur­ing the last year of the Trump admin­is­tra­tion when Democ­rats incit­ed vio­lence across the nation, lead­ing the deaths of police offi­cers, mem­bers of the pub­lic, and even children.
Bowser’s polit­i­cal ploy paid off, and Democ­rats in Con­gress are now …


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