Flashback: Gov. Cuomo Accused of “Harassment, Hostility, Dirty Tricks” Against Women While HUD Chief in 1990s

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Two decades before being accused of mis­con­duct against women while he was New York gov­er­nor, a younger Andrew Cuo­mo was the sub­ject of a sex­u­al harass­ment com­plaint from a gov­ern­ment offi­cial who claimed that Cuo­mo — serv­ing at the time in Bill Clin­ton’s cab­i­net — also hound­ed her with “a series of attacks and dirty tricks.“Susan Gaffney filed the 2000 com­plaint against Cuo­mo while he was sec­re­tary of the Depart­ment of Hous­ing and Urban Devel­op­ment and she was the depart­men­t’s inspec­tor general. 
In the com­plaint, which includ­ed oth­er top HUD offi­cials, Gaffney told the Office of Depart­men­tal Equal Employ­ment Oppor­tu­ni­ty that she …


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