Gov. Cuomo Threatens Ban on Indoor Dining

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Indoor din­ing is under threat from New York Gov. Andrew Cuo­mo. He said on Mon­day that he will shut it down if “after 5 days a region’s hos­pi­tal rate has not stabilized.“NEW: If after 5 days a region’s hos­pi­tal rate has not sta­bi­lized, indoor din­ing will close or be reduced.-In NYC, indoor din­ing would close entirely.-In rest of the state, indoor din­ing would be reduced to 25% capac­i­ty.— Andrew Cuo­mo (@NYGovCuomo) Decem­ber 7, 2020
In New York City, this means that indoor din­ing, which has already been restrict­ed to 25 per­cent capac­i­ty, would be elim­i­nat­ed alto­geth­er. “In the rest of the state,” he wrote, “indoor din­ing would be reduced to 25 [per­cent] capacity.” …


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