COVID Surges Out Of Control Where 81% Vaccinated…

SINGAPORE, Sept 13 (Reuters) — The rapid pace of new COVID-19 infec­tions and a dou­bling of seri­ous­ly ill patients in Sin­ga­pore have raised unex­pect­ed hur­dles to reopen­ing plans for the vac­ci­na­tion fron­trun­ner, where 81% of the pop­u­la­tion is ful­ly vaccinated.

Sin­ga­pore, one of the fastest in the world to reach that lev­el, has seen its inoc­u­la­tion rates plateau, and this month paused its grad­ual reopen­ing plans, spooked by dai­ly infec­tions that returned to one-year peaks this month.

Infec­tions over the week­end were more than a com­bined 1,000 cas­es, a ten­fold increase from a month ago. Many experts, though, are not over­ly con­cerned about the rise in infec­tions because of the low num­ber of seri­ous cas­es and Sin­ga­pore’s high vac­ci­na­tion percentage.

The num­ber of patients requir­ing oxy­gen, how­ev­er, dou­bled to a record 54 on Sun­day from two days before, an impor­tant gauge to judge whether the med­ical sys­tem could get overwhelmed.

The num­ber of patients in inten­sive care units (ICU) have held at a low sev­en. Around 300 ICU beds are avail­able and that could be increased to 1,000.

Many nations that have kept infec­tions low and are con­sid­er­ing tak­ing steps to return to some nor­mal­cy once they achieve high vac­ci­na­tion rates are close­ly watch­ing how the sit­u­a­tion devel­ops in Singapore.



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