Trump Can Turn the Impeachment and Put Congress on ‘Trial’

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As for­mer Pres­i­dent Trump faces the sec­ond sham impeach­ment effort of Speak­er Nan­cy Pelosi in just over a year, oppor­tu­ni­ty aris­es, both for him and for the Amer­i­ca First move­ment. With­in this shame­ful polit­i­cal cha­rade, the over­reach­ing Democ­rats includ­ed accu­sa­tions that allow for Team Trump to make a robust case before the nation about the mate­r­i­al prob­lems that mar the Novem­ber 3rd pres­i­den­tial vote, in a forum of unpar­al­leled promi­nence and reach.If Trump dives head­long into this chal­lenge with courage, imag­i­na­tion, and the charis­ma that only he can com­mand, then he will tran­scend the absur­di­ty of this tri­bunal, crys­tal­lize his own polit­i­cal via­bil­i­ty, and pro­pel the pop­ulist nation­al­ist cause for­ward into 2022 and beyond.

Repelling the illog­i­cal and unfound­ed incite­ment charge will prove rel­a­tive­ly easy, …


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